Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Salty Replenishing Flow
Ali Cramer

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❤️ such a pretty & graceful practice. Love that it’s creative but so smooth to follow. Thank you.
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Thank you so much Lauri ! It’s always fun to be a little salty! Namaste, Ali
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What a wonderful practice. My heart and hips thank you, Ali!
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Estee Estee my heart thanks YOU every day! Xo
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Aaaah even just your voice makes me feel better, love from China
Thank you Kelley ! I love that Yoga Anytime creates such a global community! 🙏🏽🌏
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Ali, this is a wonderful, relaxing practice. I enjoy a slower pace, and the leg stretches are glorious. Great after a stressful day. I can not do headstands, or crow, what do you suggest I do instead? Grateful for your teaching🌾🍃
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Love it! Wow!
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Joan nice to do a squat pose (either with or without a block to sit on ) instead of crow and a prasarite padotanasana (wide straddle Standing forward bend) with a block to catch the crown of the head for headstand. Happy Practicing !
I needed this so very much! Thank you.
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