Yoga for Down There: Breath for Pelvic Health<br>Shannon Crow

Yoga for Down There: Breath for Pelvic Health
Shannon Crow

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Janeissy A
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Thank you Shannon, breathing with you was empowering. After having my three babies I've lost awareness of my pelvic floor lol. I am glad I am learning how to feel it again. Thank you!!
Shannon Crow
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Oh that is wonderful Janeissy ~ I get it also! 3 babies for this mama, but they are now 13, 15 and 20! Thanks for breathing with me!
Christine J
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Beautiful practice. I really needed that today. Thanks Shannon!
Shannon Crow
Thanks Christine! So wonderful that the practice felt like the right one for the day!
Stephanie M
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I'm friends with an online yoga star! You are amazing! Such a great presence, and wonderful information!
Shannon Crow
Ha ha Stephanie -- I am certainly not a yoga star...well anymore than any other yoga teacher out there sharing yoga! Thanks for your comment and for practicing with me!
Amanda Runia
Thank you for this Shannon! I attended a short pelvic floor workshop a year ago (my first exposure to anything pelvic floor!) and it was overwhelming and confusing. I just had baby #3 and know I need to make this a priority and this first video felt like a great start and a "breath of fresh air." I am looking forward to the next videos and working on this.
Shannon Crow
So glad to hear that this worked so well for you Amanda Runia! It was 9 years after my baby #3 that I started to learn about the core 4 and my pelvic floor, so it is great that you are learning this now. Let me know if you have any questions.
Janene A
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Can this be done with prenatal moms?
Shannon Crow
Great question Janene - Yes! This is a great practice for both prenatal and postnatal moms.

As a side note - during pregnancy breath practices that are contraindicated are ones that are really heated or vigorous or that involve breath retention.
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