Inner Workings: The Heart's Grasp<br>Kira Ryder

Inner Workings: The Heart's Grasp
Kira Ryder

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Kelly Sunrose
So good, sweet Kira. Thank you for the space to investigate this hand-heart connection. Yammy.
"These postures are like any fashion... they change." YES.
Kira Sloane
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Kelly, love! So happy to be yogini sisters. xok
Louise D
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Ohh la la! Magnifique, comme toujours!
Zoe Ho
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LOVE! I felt so held throughout... so good to practice knowing you are already held Thank you Kira, and LOL to Uniboob! xo

Haille H
Such a lovely and delicious practice Kira! I felt just so safe and held moving through it, the wheel felt surprisingly so tender and sweet and natural compared to when I've tried it before. And afterwards I just felt so wonderfully open and energetic and connected! I loved it, thank you!
Simon ?
Such a perfect practice Kira. Your words are so sweet and supportive. I flowed into the best wheel I’ve ever done. Many blessings for being.
Kira S
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Simon! So happy to be with you both. xok
Elaine E
I have found my teacher! Yay Thank You! :)
Kira Sloane
Dearest Elaine, happy to be here together. xok
Susie C
Beautiful sequence sweetheart!!! Thank you
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