Inner Workings: The Heart's Grasp<br>Kira Ryder

Inner Workings: The Heart's Grasp
Kira Ryder

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Kira Sloane
Oh, Susie! My heart is glad to see you. xok
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great prep for wheel - able to extend up and into it more than usual. thanks.
Kira Sloane
Happy to hear, Matthew!
Phuong E
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“Get used to being supported.” What a gem for life!
Suzanna E
Wonderful practice, but I was so disappointed that I couldn't do the wheel! Mischief in my right arm that started about a month ago. Arm area just below my shoulder... muscle strain? arthritis?? I continue practicing and just sending it love - even when it disappoints like this! Thank you!
Kira Sloane
Oh Suzanna, I so know that disappointment. I am so glad you were still able to stay with the rest of the practice. And I usually learn more about myself on those days that "don't go exactly as planned." xokira
Jenny S
Oh soooo lovely ❤️ revisiting this as part of of my immersion into the heart chakra per Jasmine Tarkeshi’s wonderful series. The blissed-our goodness of your teachings always takes me by a happy surprise. I just love you!
Kira Sloane
Jenny, isn’t jasmine the best? So happy you are here. Xok
Kate M
Such deep wisdom in your sequencing, Kira. I'm exploring ideas for a 4th chakra class, and this is sooo helpful. You're wonderful. Love.
Laura M
Amazing. Every class I take with you is so educational and wonderful. Thank you so much for teaching!!
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