Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Spinal Wave<br>Shelley Williams

Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Spinal Wave
Shelley Williams

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Beth C
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I am on day 5 now.  If I'm finding some of the balance poses too hard or the speed of the flow too fast do you have suggestions?  I thought about repeating each day twice.  Then moving on to the next day.  Any ideas.  I have already  noticed more strength in my arms, shoulders and chest area.  Your voice is very calming and I love some of your insights.  

Shelley Williams
Beth C Hi Beth! Thank you for reaching out, and for your tenacity in staying with the challenge. I recommend you set up your mat near a wall, or have a chair near the front corner of your mat so you can touch upon chair or wall for assistance with balance.  And don't worry, as your balance will improve as you progress along and stay consistent with the challenge.  Plus there are some days where balance is just a little elusive, and other days its more accessible. If things seem like they are moving a little fast,  its not a problem to leave a few things out, and always always feel good about modifying to practice at a pace that suits you as you build strength.  There is no rush, there is no certain pace to achieve... just show up and do what you can, and little by little, it will come together!  Trust the path, embrace what you can do today!  If feel you want to repeat a day, no problem whatsoever!  Let's keep in touch, here for you!  hugs! 
Sandra Židan
Great practice, Shelley! I've really enjoyed doing it! Regards!
David G-
Dug that image of tipping the head as if under a waterfall. There were many other cool insights, but I had no time to write them down. :) I like how you are adding on, and I truly am inspired by how easy and fun it is for you to do the practice and teach it. 
Kerry N-W
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This practice is heaven and the instructor is like some divine spirit of love. Thank you.
David G-
Love being part this tribe again. There is so much freedom to add chaturanga in these beginner practices. I find I get in a relaxed state with just a few words. It's amazing how our subconscious memory can work wonders. 
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