Yoga for Our Nature: Earth, Wind and Fire<br>Melina Meza

Yoga for Our Nature: Earth, Wind and Fire
Melina Meza

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Brett Williams
Clever use of blocks Melina. Namaste.
Elissa P
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How do you come up with this stuff?! It's truly inspired, so creative, and interesting. Loved it.
Alana Mitnick
love your earth, wind and fire MOVES! xoA
Christel B
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That was wonderful!
Melina Meza
Alana, thanks for your ongoing support to be playful in these videos.
Elissa, I'm both a collector of yoga moves from various teachers I've studied with over the years and someone who makes up new shapes for students all week long in my classes. Here you get to see them come together.
Jane C
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Felt places and spaces I'd forgotton about in this practice - I will return :)
Erika H
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Soooo juicy and brilliant! Thank you for all of the space I discovered. Added this to my "Favorites" list!
Christina F
Thank you for the Yoga for Our Nature series! And the live shows you did around the 2020 solstice. Both series are so helpful and keep me returning to my mat. I'm curious if I wanted to create more space so that I could more easily fold forward w a straight back when both legs are in a V, which episodes either from you or others would be helpful to create long term flexibility in hamstrings, lower back and hips? I imagine doing the episode(s) you suggest on repeat to build space and flexibility. So that one day I could really fold forward when the legs are in that V. Thank you for your classes.

Melina Meza
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Hi Christina ~ Thanks again for watching the shows! Its hard to offer support without knowing you personally....but I have a few ideas that might work for you or anyone wanting to move into forward bends more safely. I'm sorry I don't know which particular show/s to recommend but know many of mine include the following:
1) Strap to foot pose on your back almost everyday! (a.k.a. supta padangusthasana) It makes a world of difference to do this regularly, it loosens up the hamstrings while your spine is relaxed. After the basic hamstring stretch, open leg to the right, then left to get inner leg and outer hip stretch.
2) Legs in V- Shape on your back, hands on inner knee area - open and close legs...or do a supported version of V-shape with your legs up on a wall.
4) Wide leg standing forward bend with hands on tall blocks (upper body looks like DownDog)
4) Down Dog
I hope this helps!
Christina F
Thank you, Melina Meza, for your time and energy in so thoughtfully responding to this with poses on how to address this. Much appreciated. Thank you for teaching online.
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