Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence: Go-to Sequence v.3
Rosemary Garrison

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This sequence is a gem of economy and grace. So lovely to practice with you again, Rosemary!
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Very sweet. Be well, dear Rosemary! Lokah, samastah, sukhino, bhavantu!
Thanks, beautiful Kate . You as well!
Nice practice! Thanks, Rosemary!
Thank you, Sandra Židan !
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Truly a sweet, effective practice sequence. It's brilliant, really. Love love. Your voice is a gift.
Love love love to you, Kate M 
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Rosemary, I always feel longer after practicing with you. As you know, I watch for extra information. Very nerdy. Thanks to Lydia's digital studio, as time has slowed down a bit and I can see so much better how you inhabit each pose, and also how much more I can stretch energy around in my way too. I want to give gratitude to the younger me-s who studied tennis players and baseball hitters as an athlete and coach. Age has its benefits. Thanks for that cue about finding the happy place the neck. A puzzle piece for me. An earnest Namaste. 
An earnest thank you, David G- . I so appreciate the depth of your attention. As a fellow yoga nerd, it's lovely to hear what speaks to you, what you're noticing and developing in your practice, all of it. Carry on! 
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