Living the Yamas and Niyamas: Brahmacharya<br>Robert Sidoti

Living the Yamas and Niyamas: Brahmacharya
Robert Sidoti

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Michelle R
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At one point while posing in downward-facing dog, I noticed my heels could slightly touch the ground now. That was really exciting! Woohoo! Great message today. This happened recently with something for me. It's nice to get that sign and acknowledge it. You can feel that it's right!
Sharon O
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Thank you for this msg and class. I love your movement mixes to warm up—I’m a Pilates teacher and the core needs focus!  And yes  (to a question you asked  after a previous session) YTT has been expanding and incredible and difficult and sometimes scary and  so rewarding.  
Robert Sidoti
Michelle !! Thanks so much for your comment! Isn't that great when you notice your body adapting, strengthening or opening in ways it used to NOT! With steady, consistent and most importantly 'sustainable' practice, the shifts are and growths are endless! Happy the message resonated with you, it's an important one to be aware of :) Have a great day! 
Robert Sidoti
Awesome to hear Sharon !! Pilates is great work, so valuable. I know several people who've overcome injury and have transformed their body through the practice and discipline of Pilates :) I'd say you're on the right track if you're feeling all of those things in your YTT :)) 
Susan J
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My goodness you weren't kidding when you said it was a dynamic practice!  You had so much in there!
Ruth E
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OMG! My core was burning! Namaste 🙏
Catherine R
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A yoga instructor going around punching people in the belly!!! I have practiced with strict Iyengar instructors that I could envision doing this. Seriously, though, this was a thoughtful practice that really hit home. I am a veterinarian, and and frequently depleted and end up focusing only on that level of depletion. This was an important reminder to try to change it up and direct my thoughts and efforts elsewhere.
Sarah H
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Wow! At first I thought ‘Ooh, Robert is opening up about his life and family... this is going to be a really gentle, mellow practice.’ Was it heck!? It was kick-ass solid and strong and it was all that I love about your style and practices. Yoga but yes to make us all fitter and stronger. And when you dropped in those ‘three press-ups’ you had me laughing and cursing you at the same time! Just brilliant!
Anne Marie V
Exactly the message I need now in my life. Thank you.
Robert Sidoti
Hi Catherine ✌️ Haha, I would NEVER punch anyone, especially a student ‘unless they absolutely deserved it’! Haha 🤣  That is a helpful cue to brace the midsection though 👌
I’m so happy the class gave you some food for thought for tour ‘off the mat’ yoga practice and lifestyle! Thank you so much for sharing and hope to see you again! 
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