Good Night Yoga: Release Your Hips for Rest<br>Dana Slamp

Good Night Yoga: Release Your Hips for Rest
Dana Slamp

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Robin J
Relaxing and a great hip opener Thanks
Dana Slamp
You’re very welcome, Robin 🙏
Kate M
Such a beautifully gentle sequence. Since I had a number of props nearby, I improvised with them throughout. My favourite: a sandbag on the soles of the raised feet in Viparita Karani, hips on a bolster... mmmmm. Thank you, Dana : )
Dana Slamp
Kate these prop assists sound super dreamy - I love using a sandbag to ground the kegs and hops like to did - what a perfect addition to the sequence! Warmly, Dana
Holly N
Thank you, Dana!  Not only did I sleep deeply, I woke up without the usual stiffness in my hips. 
Oooooh, so hips are tight these days and this practice is exactly what I need - thank you
Dana Slamp
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Ingunn Thanks for letting me know, and keep exhaling! :)
Definitely my favourite practice this year. I have lost count of the number of times I've done it. Thank you so much, Dana!
Dana Slamp
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Ingunn what a thoughtful thing to share, thank you! Sooo happy it serves you
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