20 Minute Yoga Flows: Rhythmic Hip Flow
Sarah Beston

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Lovely practice, my lower back and hips are awakened. I'm back at the start and combining Rosemary Garrison's 10 x 10 meditation. Namaste 
Hi Glenford! Don't you just love Rosemary's guided meditations? I've practiced them myself quite a bit and they always set up my day so nicely. Namaste! 
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Al lovely hip opening routine for my tight sore hips which spent three hours in a car yesterday and were not happy. Now, there's more movement, flow and ease. Sarah to the rescue once again. Namaste 
So happy to hear that this helped with tight, sore hips, Glenford! Those car rides can be tough! Namaste!
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Joyful practice thanks!
You're very welcome, Robin! Thanks for practicing with me!  
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I've  been reading the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali-  your rhythmic flow routines  really help to find that inner conversation with mind body emotions and spirit. Also, a gentle opener for my ageing hips. Namaste 
Glenford - that's fantastic that you are reading Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Aren't they amazing? Always wonderful to hear how your practice is going!
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Thank you Sarah! Just perfect. Love, love.
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You are very welcome, dear Kate! Thank you for practicing with me! xo
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