20 Minute Yoga Flows: Watery Flow<br>Sarah Beston

20 Minute Yoga Flows: Watery Flow
Sarah Beston

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Jenny S
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Lovely fluid practice for first thing on a hot summer morning...feeling a nice glow ✨✨✨
Sarah Beston
Hi Jenny! So happy that you enjoyed this practice and Happy July! Love, Sarah
M Angela C
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I arrived to my mat a little depleted after a long work day. I left my mat renewed, calmer and balanced.  Once again grateful for the “magic” of yoga. Thank you Sarah!
Sarah Beston
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Hi M Angela! Thank you so much for sharing and I completely agree on feeling so grateful for the magic of yoga - stay close and hope you're enjoying your summer!
Christel B
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Nice way to flow into my day!  Yeah, I always wondered how to get all ten toes touching the ground when seated with heels up.  I'd have to splay my heels out to the side or sit up, ruining the intended pose.
Sarah Beston
Hi Christel, so happy to hear that this was a good flow for you and I totally agree - some toes are just not meant to touch! haha
Kimberley H
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Love love love! Amazing what 20 minutes can do.
Lorraine Marek
Enjoyed your camel flow & pace of class
Sarah Beston
Hi Kimberley, Right?! I always find it amazing how much can transform even with just one sun salutation or a brief pause to just check in and breathe. Wishing you a beautiful day!
Sarah Beston
Hi Lorraine! I am so happy that you enjoyed the pacing and camel flow. Thanks for practicing with me here on Yoga Anytime! 
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