20 Minute Yoga Flows: Watery Flow
Sarah Beston

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Thank you so much! Really all your classes are so lovely. Your voice is very soothing. 🙏🏼
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A lovely floating practice to help me find my way through the day. My body was gently energised.  Thanks  Sarah. Namaste 
Hi Fern! Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am so happy to be practicing with you and sharing yoga here. Warmly, Sarah
Good morning, Glenford! Namaste and wishing you a beautiful day, Sarah
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Just what I needed after a day of feeling a bit energyless. Thank you Sarah!
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Lovely flowing practice which opened up my creaking hips and gave them new life. I could feel the echo and glow of these fluid movements. Namaste 
Dearest Ali - so happy that was a good practice for you and thanks so much for dropping me a note! Wishing you a beautiful day, Sarah 
Dear Glenford - Your comments always make my day! Wishing you a beautiful week, Sarah
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This was a great practice for the end of a long workday. I have the wind-up toy energy where it feels like I have to keep moving until I am able to get the energy out a bit and then I realize how much rest I need. The length of this practice and the pace of the flow was just perfect. Thank you! 
So happy to hear, Leah! I am thrilled to hear that the pace and length of these shorter practices are meeting you where you are! All the best, Sarah 
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