Keepin' it Real: Core Vinyasa<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Core Vinyasa
Robert Sidoti

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Louise O
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holy cow what a workout. Will work hard to master this one. Thanks Robert!
Robert Sidoti
You got it Louise ! This is one of my personal faves - glad you 'enjoyed' :)) Keep me posted on your progress! 
Joy E
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Another awesome core workout.  Need more practice on the twist.  And hopefully get less leg cramps.
Robert Sidoti
Oh yes, the leg cramps - I too have felt those! Generally when it's a weak or neglected area, it only takes bring good attention to that are and they will become less and less joy  - 
Ch Marie d’I
Will have to do it for a few days , after the 20’ Challenge videos, difficult to practice longer... Winter laziness ;)
Joan J
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I always come back to this practice, great for core stability.  I follow with your Active Recovery,  nice yin session of long, luxurious stretching.🌾💮
Robert Sidoti
Hi Joan J !! Nice to see you :)) I'm happy you find value in these videos/practices!! They do compliment one another. Happy New Year!! 
Ruth G
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Robert, there are parts that I cannot do at all, because of bad balance and injury to my L4/L5.  Could you suggest modifications, please?
Michelle C
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Fantastic practice to bring awareness to my core! I will definitely do this practice again and again.
Anastasia T
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I loved this practice.  The pace, the core focus.  Just perfect.  Sending to my mom as well as sometimes she prefers less weight on her wrists.  And I plan on asking my teenage son to do it next time.  Not all about 6-packs abs?!  :). Have a great day.  Thank you!
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