Keepin' it Real: Vinyasa to Yin<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Vinyasa to Yin
Robert Sidoti

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Jenny S
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Oh yeah! That was soooo good and apparently much needed as my body snap crackled and popped through the first half 👍 yet another gem from Robert and Yoga Anytime!
Joan J
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I love your Yin practices, this was a nice combination of poses and lovely Yin.  As always, your voice is soothing and adds to the relaxation🌾🌸
Robert Sidoti
Snap crackle and pop - moved some stuff around it seems Jenny ! Thanks a bunch for your sharing here!! 
Robert Sidoti
Hello Joan !! I appreciate your generous comment and sharing here!  Have a blessed day,  Robert  (said with the soothing voice you mention) :) 
Cheri J
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Thanks Robert! A nice balanced practice with great suggestions.  Love how you keep it real :).

Sharon O
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Sooooo grateful for you leading this practice today—yummy and so real! 
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very nice yang to yin flow. appreciated the yang pace. thank you, Robert!
Louise O
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Love this simple, foundational practice.  Great pace, peaceful flow, honors my body's needs, spaced that I can allow my body to settle into each frame. Thank you Robert. Grateful. 
Robert Sidoti
Grateful for you Louise !! I'm so happy this sequence is working as it is for you! "See' you soon! 
Lou M
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Thank you , again perfect pace and flow Amazingly can only do the moon pose on one side, able to raise my injured leg , half way with the other ( yoga does reveal our mind wrong perceptions to let the body drive ) 🙏
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