Keepin' it Real: Vinyasa to Yin<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Vinyasa to Yin
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti
Thank YOU Lou !! One of my favorite classes! Keep working on half moon with a positive mindset, patience and all kinds of humor and you'll be surprised with your progress :)  Keep me posted on your yoga travels and explorations Lou!! 
Meagan P
This was absolutely perfect for me today! I've been doing a lot of your hour- long workouts lately,  and even at doing them only every other day,  it can become a bit much for my body.  I'm so glad I found this one.  The length and the practice was perfect.  I feel I got to pamper my body instead of pushing it.  Hopefully this means that tomorrow,  it'll be ready to be pushed again.   

I also loved the bit at the end,  when you were talking about finding where you can find rest in your day.  I'm the type who can always sleep.  5 minute nap? Yes! 20 minute nap? Yes,  please! Walk in the woods? That's a 10 minute walk away,  so that easily goes onto my list.  A trip to the beach? That's the plan for later today,  after I pick my son up from school! It was just nice to realise I have so many easy options.  
Robert Sidoti
Hiiii Meagan ! Thanks for sharing here! Maybe it's a good idea (as you said already) to practice the longer and more strenuous classes followed by a more soothing and restorative one - great combo and what I would prescribe to most people - good balance :)) How was the beach?  Again, thanks so much for you being here and your sharing! 
Bjorn L
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I really enjoyed this one, I used it as a late morning session today. It gave me a lift for the rest of my working day. Greetings from the south of Norway. 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Bjorn - thanks for taking the time to comment and introduce yourself!! I've heard all good things of Norway - would love to visit someday!! Thanks for being here! 
Ch Marie d’I
Perfect but difficult today , feeling stiff after swimming... 🙏
Robert Sidoti
Hey hey there Ch Marie d’I !! No problem at all - I think I've done that before several times. Thanks so much for practicing with me here AND for commenting and sharing your experience! Hope your day is happy :)) 
Donna S
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Grateful for you, Robert!
Robert Sidoti
Grateful for YOU Donna !! Thanks for being here! 
Crista C
Go grateful for this practice today, and the clear, wonderful instruction.  SO happy to find this today, went from tin-man to ready to flow through my day.  
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