Keepin' it Real: Vinyasa to Yin
Robert Sidoti

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Thank YOU Lou !! One of my favorite classes! Keep working on half moon with a positive mindset, patience and all kinds of humor and you'll be surprised with your progress :)  Keep me posted on your yoga travels and explorations Lou!! 
This was absolutely perfect for me today! I've been doing a lot of your hour- long workouts lately,  and even at doing them only every other day,  it can become a bit much for my body.  I'm so glad I found this one.  The length and the practice was perfect.  I feel I got to pamper my body instead of pushing it.  Hopefully this means that tomorrow,  it'll be ready to be pushed again.   

I also loved the bit at the end,  when you were talking about finding where you can find rest in your day.  I'm the type who can always sleep.  5 minute nap? Yes! 20 minute nap? Yes,  please! Walk in the woods? That's a 10 minute walk away,  so that easily goes onto my list.  A trip to the beach? That's the plan for later today,  after I pick my son up from school! It was just nice to realise I have so many easy options.  
Hiiii Meagan ! Thanks for sharing here! Maybe it's a good idea (as you said already) to practice the longer and more strenuous classes followed by a more soothing and restorative one - great combo and what I would prescribe to most people - good balance :)) How was the beach?  Again, thanks so much for you being here and your sharing! 
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I really enjoyed this one, I used it as a late morning session today. It gave me a lift for the rest of my working day. Greetings from the south of Norway. 
Hey there Bjorn - thanks for taking the time to comment and introduce yourself!! I've heard all good things of Norway - would love to visit someday!! Thanks for being here! 
Perfect but difficult today , feeling stiff after swimming... 🙏
Hey hey there Ch Marie d’I !! No problem at all - I think I've done that before several times. Thanks so much for practicing with me here AND for commenting and sharing your experience! Hope your day is happy :)) 
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Grateful for you, Robert!
Grateful for YOU Donna !! Thanks for being here! 
Go grateful for this practice today, and the clear, wonderful instruction.  SO happy to find this today, went from tin-man to ready to flow through my day.  
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