Keepin' it Real: Flow to Restore<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Flow to Restore
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti
You are so welcome Rachel !! Happy you are here!! 
Siobhan M
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Heavenly! Just what my body needed, I will come back to this many times. Your teaching style is beautiful, Namaste.
Robert Sidoti
Thank you so much Siobhan - I'm so happy this class and my teaching feel good for you! So it's safe to say 'I'll see you again' :) 
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perfection. thank you. i was emotionally and physically drained just before this and now i'm refreshed and back in my body. really enjoyed flowing with you. special thx for the restorative poses after feeling warmed up. best~~

Renee R
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Thank you for sharing your practice. I am noticing a refreshed feeling. Namaste
Robert Sidoti
Thank you for sharing your comment here Shawn - I'm so happy you enjoyed the 'ride' and now feel more refreshed and in your body - a good feeling for sure!! 
Robert Sidoti
My pleasure Renee !! Thank YOU for practicing with me here and for showing up for yourself - always feel better after practicing! Hope to 'see' you again soon! 
Joan J
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I come back to this practice when my system is in need of a gentle boost.  Love the restorative.  In my top 10 favorite sessions🌸🌾
Ch Marie d’I
I loved that one... perfect after a rough day, glad I showed up 🙏
Robert Sidoti
It always feels good to 'show up'!! I'm grateful for you being here Ch Marie d’I ! :)) 
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