The Vinyasa Show: Grace in Flow
Brenda Lear

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This was an amazing practice!! It was at a perfect pace, and lots of interesting poses.
One question- I'm hypermobile (not severely).  During samakonasana, I found that I really wasn't feeling any kind of a stretch at all. I'm not confident if I can go into a full split, but I do know that going too much further down into a split scares me because I fear I won't be able to get out of it without hurting myself.
Anyway, my question is, how can I modify the post so I can get more from it, without getting hurt?

Thanks again, for this beautiful practice! I will be doing this one in my weekly rotation.
brenda, this is one of my absolute favorite practices, as are you one of my absolute favorite teachers! thank you so very much for your clarity and calm presence!
Thank you so much! This was a cardiovascular at times, which was challenging with the breath coordination. I loved the bow and arrow poses, and learned some new things.    Best, David 
Wonderful! Thank you! I have been intimidated by level 2/3 classes (for no reason besides an unhelpful mind), and I am so glad I broke through this mental block. This was just what I needed today!
This is an amazing video! My go to when I want a workout.
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