Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Vyana Vayu<br>Ali Cramer

Ayurveda: Practices to Feel Like Yourself: Vyana Vayu
Ali Cramer

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Wonderful short practice to energize the whole body!  I truly enjoyed this class.  Thanks Ali!

Ali Cramer
Valeria  thank you so much! So important to get some energy flowing right now.  Namaste! 
Christine C
Fabulous, thank you Ali! I'm feeling both energized and relaxed!  The flow was perfect tempo and I especially enjoyed lying back on the blocks to open up the chest. Namaste
Ali Cramer
Christine thank you so much! Happy practicing! Namaste. 
Christina F
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Great class, Ali Cramer! Thank you. I needed a good sweat for this kapha body in the morning and happy to take a level two class. You got me to do my first head stand in over a year (with the help of a wall). Grateful for the speed and intentions of this class. My blood is happy to circulate more. Thank you for offering your gifts in a space where I can access your classes anytime.
Ali Cramer
Christina thank you so much and what a testament to your Yoga in Action! 
Marisol C
Loved this! The pace was perfect to wake up the body, and the finish was wonderfully relaxing. Smooth, yet challenging, transitions. So great. Thank you. 
Ali Cramer
Marisol thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed! I hope you’ll tune in this month for my live class! 
Vanessa E
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WOW! That was one of my favorite yoga practices ever! Amazing sequencing and poses and flow and just WOW! I feel like my body is singing and emitting neon pink energy everywhere. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS WITH THE WORLD!
Ali Cramer
Vanessa E you’re too generous! So glad you enjoyed it. Namaste! 
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