Yoga Nidra: Gentle Asana for Yoga Nidra<br>Kristin Leal

Yoga Nidra: Gentle Asana for Yoga Nidra
Kristin Leal

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Melanie T
Beautiful practice, Kristin! I'm here on the day after the election so this was the perfect antidote to my anxiety!

Kristin Leal
I'm happy you're here Melanie T! Important to stay close to your practice and one another in times like these-xo
David G-
Enjoyed this from start to finish. Will use it before my next Yoga Nidra. Happy Monday? 
Kristin Leal
awesome David Goldstein !! Happy Monday!
Serena Y
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In the last breath practice, I felt my breath become deeper not subtle, and I notice that you instruct that in other yoga nidra, too. I would love to know why our breath will become not noticeable, I thought our breath would become deeper and full when we feel relaxed. Thanks!
Kristin Leal
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Serena Y great question! Stretching and deepening the breath can be a great way to prepare our bodies (specifically the NS) for relaxation, meditation, shavasana, or the practice of Yoga Nidra but when in these quieter practices we drop any technique or effort in the breath allowing it to move back into a passive natural state which is typically quiet and  more shallow
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