The Bhakti Show: Embracing the Source<br>Astrud Castillo

The Bhakti Show: Embracing the Source
Astrud Castillo

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Jenny S
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This was grounding, peaceful, therapeutic (I could go on and on...) Yoga Anytime is an embarrassment of riches in their new year with all the new shows popping up like stars! I’m so glad to meet you Astrid...I love your tender style ❤️
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Thank you dear Jenny, I’m grateful for your kind words. Here’s to a healthy, happy and grounded New Year! Look forward to connecting again.
Kate M
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Such a lovely, nourishing practice. You have a beautiful and soothing chanting voice, Astrid. Thank you for this offering!
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Thank you kindly Kate. I’m glad you enjoyed the class and the chanting. You can find my CD- “Hari Om” on Spotify and ITunes. 
Love and light...
Yonit Y
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What a beautiful gift to practice with you in my living room this morning before sunrise. Thank you for this lovely and grounding offering 
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Yonit ahhh Yonit, what an honor to share sunrise with you (while I’m here and your there) more to come . I’m so glad you had a good breath this morning! Sending lots of love and light! Hari Om...
Jasmine S
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So good to let myself be guided by you again. I am so glad you are doing this show. Your classes are so nourishing. Thank you for this beautiful practice. 
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Jasmine so lovely to hear from you jasmine!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed. You are missed!
april  Back at you! 🙏🏼
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