The Bhakti Show: Embracing the Source<br>Astrud Castillo

The Bhakti Show: Embracing the Source
Astrud Castillo

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Astrud  I like your class style,
Singing a song(mantra) 
Calm voice, and flow .

Samantha E
This was perfect for a snowy day where I couldn’t get to my home studio. I loved the mix of meditation/song as well- it felt almost as if on a mini yoga retreat. 
Kate M
This gentle practice was blissful this morning... and just read your reply above re. your recordings! Must check out...! Love : )
Samantha loved your comment. I've been away and could not tell if I responded to your kind comment.  I hope the weather is warming up for you. I was just in Costa Rica practicing everyday in the warm weather. Body and mind happy with the warm weather. Mantra is a wonderful addition to practice. Before, during or after. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! Hari Om...
April Thank you for your comment and thanks for stopping by April and checking the class out! 
Namiko U
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Thank you Astrud! Your beautiful teachings are a gift 🙏🏽
Kate M
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When our picture of life is shaken out of focus, remembering that the earth continues to offer us support. Right here, right now, right under our feet. Hari Om.
Namiko Thank you love for stopping by! I love this. I hope you are well and enjoying all the delightful teachers and yoga here. Big love!
Renee R
Thank you, thank you! The reminder of support was so needed. And thank you Kate, another great reminder!
Laura T
Thank you Astrud. I feel so nourished by your beautiful class. Just what I needed. Hari Om.
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