Kundalini Vitality Reboot Challenge: Day 6: Sustainable Energy<br>Sukhdev Jackson

Kundalini Vitality Reboot Challenge: Day 6: Sustainable Energy
Sukhdev Jackson

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Glenford N
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Thanks Sukhdev. I'm glowing with the radiance of the sun, a warm sustainable burst of vitality and light. Namaste.
Tracy S
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Thank you for guiding me in this strong dynamic practice. I am really amazed by how I feel after and during the day. You have opened me up to a new yoga experience. Peace! :)
Jacqueline L
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Sukhdev for opening up an unknown part of myself ... love how I feel Thank you 
Szilvia K
Hi Sukhdev, thank you for your guidance in these practices. I am new to kundalini yoga and have to day that really enjoying it, your instructions and explanations are so clear. I feel in safe hands. In the last few days, I experienced more vitality that is for sure but also a little but of lethargy one day when we did the detox practice. I have a few question to clarify things:
1. You say focus on the breath point with the eyes, not sure what you mean by that I may have missed it in the first video.
2. I found it really hard to do the visualisation exercise and almost couldn’t visualise anything except some blurry patches of colour, was very frustrating. Is that ok? Will it change?
3. Finally, today we were breathing out of the right nostril, I literally had to stop coz I felt like I was suffocating myself. I have no cold and feel completely fine, the right side been blocked like  this for a long time, when I do my alternate breathing is always a struggle, Is it possible that the energy is blocked that and is there any way to free it up? I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions/opinion.
Sorr for the long comment, and thank you again.
Take care, x

Kira Sloane
Dearest Szilvia, thank you for being here and great questions. My name is Kira and I'm a part of the Yoga Anytime team. Wanted to hop in and help with questions 2 and 3 in case Sukhdev does not see your questions. 

Yes, as you know, everything changes within the practice of yoga. I am sure you have had the experience of a posture being unavailable one day and suddenly accessible the next. The same is true with the subtler practices like visualization. That said, we all have preferences within our sensory system and can under resourced in some areas and stronger in others.  (Answer continued in next comment).
Kira Sloane
Szilvia , continuing. 
Regarding your experience in your nostrils, the common experience is that our dominate nostril switches all day long every 15 minutes or so. You can bring below your nose to feel which is "breathing harder." So I suggest experimenting with the nostril breath Sukhdev shares at different times of day and see if the results change. If the right side continues to be blocked, reach back in and we can offer some suggestions. 

Glad you are here. 
Szilvia K
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Dear Kira, thank you for your lovely answers, I will keep trying :). I am loving Yoga anytime, such great teachers and classes 
Elizabeth M
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Hi, Szilvia ! My name is Elizabeth, and I am one of Kira's colleagues here on the Yoga Team.  As for your first question, I believe Sukhdev was saying to focus on the brow point, which is the space in between the eyebrows.  So she's saying to close your eyes, and roll your eyes inward and up so that you're focusing at that space in between the eyebrows.  Hope this helps, and thanks for your great questions! 🙏 
Szilvia K
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Oh yeah, brow point, that is the one, not sure hoe i missed that one, thanks for clarifying it :) x
Alex C
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This entire vitality boost challenge is the best kundalini yoga I have ever experienced. You have a gift for encouraging and making people feel comfortable Sukhdev Jackson xo 
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