60 Minute Yoga Flows: Release and Reset<br>Sarah Beston

60 Minute Yoga Flows: Release and Reset
Sarah Beston

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Jenny S
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Luxurious and grounding, the perfect way to start the week 🙌
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Love your classes!
Sarah Beston
So lovely to hear, Jenny! Thank you for sharing your experience—stay close and hope you’re having a wonderful week!
Sarah Beston
Hi Kristine—so happy to be practicing with you here on Yoga Anytime! 
Sarah, I love how you sequence so many postures flowing into one another but it doesn’t feel rushed and there is still space to explore.
Sarah Beston
 Ali, so glad that the practice feels spacious and unrushed for you. It’s one of my personal favorites. Thanks so much for exploring with me!
Kate M
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a very sweet flow. Just what I needed tonight : ) Thank you, Sarah!
Sarah Beston
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Dear Kate—you are so very welcome! Wishing you a beautiful new week. Warmly, Sarah
Beth F
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I'm grateful for this class☺️- love these longer classes solidly  in the 2 range, Sarah!  One thing I keep thinking is I wish a class would spend some time with the various varieties of upward dog.  It seems it is always rushed thru to get to downward dog.  It's such a juicy pose in it's own right  - if you have time for that I'd appreciate it! 
Sarah Beston
Beth — ohhh, I so agree on up dog. It’s one of my favorite postures and what a great idea to spend some time on variations and breaking it down. Interestingly enough I actually broke it down and taught it with blocks under hips in my live classes this week. I will definitely think on that in planning future sequences. Thank you! Warmly, Sarah
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