Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence: Go-to Sequence 2 v.4
Rosemary Garrison

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There was much to love about this version today...lots of expansive heart opening and nifty little variations from the previous “Rosemary Practice”. I also liked the arm and hand thingy during supta baddha konasana, which I’ll definitely be doing often during this pose in the future 💎😉
Jenny, we all love your sincere participation here so much. xok
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Great practice and way to start the day! Thank you! XO
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v much enjoyed this - including the extra twist with pigeon pose - hadn't seen this before. thanks. :)
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Really good flow
Thanks, Jenny . I adore the feedback... especially the detail around the diamond. ; ) Be safe, be well. 
Thank you, Chris ! Smooches. 
Thank you, Matthew . I love that you discovered something new. I was so happy when I learned that added twist in pigeon as I think it opens the outer hip in a way nothing else quite can. Enjoy! 
Thanks, Donnah ! It's a joy to share. 
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Really lovely sequence! Loved this version : ) Thanks, Rosemary : )
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