Shamata Meditation: Opening and Grounding<br>Erin Yee

Shamata Meditation: Opening and Grounding
Erin Yee

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Jenny S
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This experience of meditating with my eyes alternately shut and open for short periods of time is new to me. I find it quite effective in that I’m feeling more of a vastness in my practice. I’m so thankful for the continued gifts that Yoga Anytime puts out into the Universe, and I’m excited to learn more about Shamata meditation 🙏🏻
Kira Sloane
Jenny LOVE!

Sandra Židan
Thanks, Erin! Great meditation!
Ruth F
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Thannkyou xxx
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Jenny  I’m so happy to hear about your experience! This is the intended effect of the technique and I’m so glad it is making sense. 
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Sandra thank you for joining !
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Ruth your welcome ! Xx
Laura M
Wow!! SO cool!! Thank you!!
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Laura your welcome, glad you enjoyed it !
Joerg H
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