Shamata Meditation: Opening and Grounding
Erin Yee

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So relaxing it made me tearful x Felt so held x
Amanda P this is wonderful to hear, I'm so glad the practice affected you in this way, this was exactly the intent. 
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Love this series Shamata. I had not heard of this kind of practice before. Thank you for creating! 🙏💖
Chris C you’re welcome ! Thank you for joining in the practice, I hope you find it beneficial 🙏
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Hi Erin. Thanks for taking me to a deeper level of meditation. I used to do yoga to a DVD of your uncle Rodney.  An outstanding teacher.  Namaste.
I agree with the others. That was a deep experience, and I look forward to the next mediation and practicing this style more calmly.
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Enjoyed this class Erin. I would love to see what another practice/class  would look like. ;)
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