The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Marma Points and Easy Yoga<br>Kira Sloane

The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Marma Points and Easy Yoga
Kira Sloane

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Susan R
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Loved your class!  Thank you
Kira Sloane
Susan LOVE! xok
Christel B
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Oh my goodness, it’s midday, I wasn’t hearing your voice anymore.  I look at the screen and it had gone to sleep.  Haha talk about letting go!
Kira Sloane
Christel, sounds like high level success!
Christel B
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Yes, I surrender!
Angie M
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Just discovered you this morning on this wonderful platform YogaAnytime. What a terrific find. So very much love your energy, your cadence & teaching style!!!
Kira Sloane
Angie, sweet to be here together. Maybe I'll see you live this Friday morning, 10:30am PDT! Thank you for being here. xok
Sandra Židan
Great practice- I really liked it! Thanks, Kira! Regards!
David G-
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Hey Kira, I had to read all the comments because I had such a profound experience. The first weeks of Covid were so emotionally charged; I connected to that today deeply. 

I have a titanium screw in my ankle that is something I ironically cherish. How did you hurt your knee? Child's pose is such a work in progress for me too. 

I sat in Savasana for a long time before I realized the class was over.  

This practice resonates even as I write this hours later, especially all the wisdom. Namaste, David 
Kira Sloane
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David G- , high school sports and snowboarding left both my knees trashed. Multiple patella dislocations and explosions.  I was left with very little choice but to replace the right one and I love my new knee so much.  xoK
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