Soulful Flow: Graceful Fluidity Flow<br>Sarah Beston

Soulful Flow: Graceful Fluidity Flow
Sarah Beston

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Mireia B
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I love your practices! MUCHAS GRACIAS. Lots of love from Mallorca, SPAIN. NAMASTE
Eva K
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Amazing practice! The light and love in you made me bit emotional at the end. So grateful for that, Sarah Beston 
Sarah Beston
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de nada, Mireia! I'm so happy to be practicing with you here and would love to visit Mallorca someday. Namaste, Sarah
Sarah Beston
Dear Eva, I am so happy you enjoyed the practice. The meaning of namaste is so powerful, isn't it? I've also heard it translated as the Divine in me greets the Divine in you or the God in me greats the God in you. Wishing you a beautiful day, Sarah 
Mary Jane G
Thank you again Sarah🙏 
Catherine R
What a fun practice! I love working up through the chakras, and can’t wait to do the next flow!
Jessica B
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such an interesting and amazing practice. my favorite of the series so far :D 
Sarah Beston
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You're so welcome, Mary Jane! Thank you so much for practicing with me. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Sarah
Sarah Beston
Hi Catherine! So happy to hear and I really love working up through the chakras as well—it makes so much sense in my body. Wishing you a beautiful weekend and hope to practice together again soon. Warmly, Sarah
Sarah Beston
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I'm so happy to hear, Jessica! Thanks for checking it out and hope to practice with you again soon! Have a great weekend, Sarah
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