Soulful Flow: Empowered Fiery Flow
Sarah Beston

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Thank you for this practice, Sarah! It helped me let go of nervous energy and relax.  I had a good shavasana at the end. 
Hi Holly! I’m so happy to hear. Thanks for sharing your experience and hope to practice with you again soon. All the best, Sarah
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This was just perfect, Sarah B! I loved the way your sequencing facilitated flow from one shape into another. A "controlled burn" which felt very nourishing, not at all depleting (like some core work can feel!!).
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I love your description of "controlled burn," Kate! So happy this practice was nourishing for you! Have a beautiful week, Sarah
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absolutely loved this practise - i havent been able to get the time for over a week so it was long overdue and it was just perfect thank you!
I am so happy to hear it, Rebecca! Thanks so much for practicing with me and hope to practice together again soon! Warmly, Sarah
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This was a delight from start to finish. I realised I enjoyed core work, which is new! I really loved the lunge twists as a bit of a challenge. Also I really appreciated those 5 breath downward dogs. Maybe as I am getting older or more experienced I am finding more to be interested in in the longer holds.
Dear Ali, thank you so much for sharing your experience of the practice. I love your observation about longer holds. I find that I am appreciating that more in my own practice these days as well—there is a spaciousness to it that allows me to breath and observe. Wishing you a beautiful day!
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Brilliant session. As usual. Thank you Sarah :)
Thanks so much for practicing with me, Joanna! It’s always such a treat to hear from you!
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