Dynamic Flow: Rise to the Challenge<br>Robert Sidoti

Dynamic Flow: Rise to the Challenge
Robert Sidoti

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Jenny S
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So happy to see you back on Yoga Anytime! It’s a humid one today in Connecticut, and I almost didn’t practice because the air is so thick and I was dragging...opened the app and saw this previously live class was available to view and I took it as a sign to go for it 👍 Sooo glad I did - this really cleared the cobwebs for sure! 🔥🔥🔥
Robert Sidoti
So happy to see YOU Jenny - it's been a while!! Thanks for joining me and glad it cleared the cobwebs :)) There will be more released and I shoot live every Tuesday 1:30 est if you find yourself midday indoors looking for a practice - I'm just up North from you on Martha's Vineyard! Nice to be back in touch with you, see you soon! 
Zoe I
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I LOVED Rise To The Challenge! The perfect blend of spicy and sweet!
Leesa H
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I just got my husband to join me in yoga during this Covid time since he can’t go to the gym. We are Canadian seniors. . Love your practices.  Thank you. 
Scott M
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   My husband and I love your practice, strength with mobility. We like the one hour sessions, please keep those up.  Thank you!
Robert Sidoti
Awesome and great to hear Zoe !! Shooting live every Tuesday 1:30 eastern time or you can continue to practice the recorded offerings - so happy you’re hear!! Robert 
Robert Sidoti
Hi Leesa and husband from Canada!! I’m so grateful you’ve found me here and that you both are enjoying practicing together, what a sweet gift that is for you both (and me) ☺️🧘🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️ We shoot these Dynamic Flow classes every Tuesday at 1:30 eastern time in US - maybe I’ll see you guys live!! 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Scott !! So happy these 1 hour practices are feeling good and working for you guys! There will a total of 8 one hour sessions of Dynamic Flow with me - we’ve shot 3 so far I believe. Practice LIVE with me every Tuesday 1:30 eastern time if you can, nice way to connect. Otherwise, they’ll all be added to the site. See you soon guys, Thanks for being here! 
Marisol R
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Love this practice !! Thank you so much Robert.
Robert Sidoti
LOVE your comment Marisol !! Thank YOU for being here! 
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