Dynamic Flow: Rise to the Challenge
Robert Sidoti

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So happy to see you back on Yoga Anytime! It’s a humid one today in Connecticut, and I almost didn’t practice because the air is so thick and I was dragging...opened the app and saw this previously live class was available to view and I took it as a sign to go for it 👍 Sooo glad I did - this really cleared the cobwebs for sure! 🔥🔥🔥
So happy to see YOU Jenny - it's been a while!! Thanks for joining me and glad it cleared the cobwebs :)) There will be more released and I shoot live every Tuesday 1:30 est if you find yourself midday indoors looking for a practice - I'm just up North from you on Martha's Vineyard! Nice to be back in touch with you, see you soon! 
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I LOVED Rise To The Challenge! The perfect blend of spicy and sweet!
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I just got my husband to join me in yoga during this Covid time since he can’t go to the gym. We are Canadian seniors. . Love your practices.  Thank you. 
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   My husband and I love your practice, strength with mobility. We like the one hour sessions, please keep those up.  Thank you!
Awesome and great to hear Zoe !! Shooting live every Tuesday 1:30 eastern time or you can continue to practice the recorded offerings - so happy you’re hear!! Robert 
Hi Leesa and husband from Canada!! I’m so grateful you’ve found me here and that you both are enjoying practicing together, what a sweet gift that is for you both (and me) ☺️🧘🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️ We shoot these Dynamic Flow classes every Tuesday at 1:30 eastern time in US - maybe I’ll see you guys live!! 
Hey there Scott !! So happy these 1 hour practices are feeling good and working for you guys! There will a total of 8 one hour sessions of Dynamic Flow with me - we’ve shot 3 so far I believe. Practice LIVE with me every Tuesday 1:30 eastern time if you can, nice way to connect. Otherwise, they’ll all be added to the site. See you soon guys, Thanks for being here! 
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Love this practice !! Thank you so much Robert.
LOVE your comment Marisol !! Thank YOU for being here! 
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