Dynamic Flow: Rise to the Challenge<br>Robert Sidoti

Dynamic Flow: Rise to the Challenge
Robert Sidoti

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Louise O
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Perfection. Slowly recovering (again) from an angry back. This was my first 60min effort in a while.  Smiling. Thank you Robert! You're the best! 
Robert Sidoti
Heeey there Louise ! Ugh, the cranky back can be a bummer :(   I’m happy for you to be able to move through the 60 minutes and feel good!! 
Thanks for the update and comment Louise!! 
Charlie S
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Robert! I am so grateful that i get to practice with you all the way from South Africa. Today is my birthday and my intention was to honour my birthday, thank you for helping me in doing so. 
Robert Sidoti
Hello there Charlie from South Africa!! Happy belated birthday (21 days late) I'm grateful to have been part of your birthday, thank you for sharing with me! 
Holly W
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There are two character traits that I'm very successful at manifesting;  Avoidance and procrastination.  I was doing pretty good at first with my home yoga practice and exercise.  I signed up for YogaAnytime.  I joined your challenge and I was taking time to practice often.  Then "The Rona" hit and everything changed.  I'm an essential/sacrificial worker.  Therefore, not much was different except EVERYTHING.  The stress has been overwhelming.

I've been telling myself through it all to do yoga.  Today is the first day I have practiced in a long time.  I committed to an hour class knowing I would have to modify.  It wasn't too bad.  The greatest joy was feeling my lower back release and pop with some of the poses.  Thank you!

Robert Sidoti
Hi Holly !! Thanks for sharing your experience and for being here!  Thank you for whatever it is you do!! How are you doing today? Practicing today? Hopefully you can get on the mat so to manage the stress - crazy times we're still in. Sending a big hug, Robert

Jillian D
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I lucked out finding you this faLL into Winter//love your vibe, your sequences, just the right amount of queue'ing:: thank you::++Robert!
Robert Sidoti
Goooood day to you Jillian D !! I'm so happy it's working well for you - I appreciate you sharing here and so so so great to meet you! Happy New Year, let's do this!! 
what a great 60 mins - nice blend of pace and effort - didn't get bored but also didn't get exhausted! stayed engaged and delighted! cheers!
Anastasia T
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Thank you Robert.  What a great New Year's Day practice to start my day and year with such positivity and strength.  Thank you.  While I didn't do this one live, I still felt everyone's presence and love.  Happy New Year!    - Anastasia
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