Dynamic Flow: Strong and Mindful Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Dynamic Flow: Strong and Mindful Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Corinne M
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This was a great practice, thank you!
Robert Sidoti
Hey there corinne - Good morning!! I was just replying to some comments and saw yours pop up! So glad you enjoyed this practice - there will be a total of 8 one hour Dynamic Flow practices shot - 3 shot so far. I hope you enjoy them all! 
FYI - we shoot LIVE from my home every Tuesday 1:30 eastern time - feel free to hop on and practice then! All my best - Robert 
Muz M
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Hi Robert, loved the session.  Have really missed your amazing laid back approach to yoga, which brings out the magic for me.  More of your classes please.  Muz (UK).
Robert Sidoti
Hey hey there Muz M ! Thanks for your generous comment and for practicing here with us! I'm so happy my approach in offering yoga resonates with you and allows you to really open to it! There will be 8 total Dynamic Flow classes in total, all 1 hour, hope you enjoy!! 
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Really enjoyed this practice!  Appreciate your enthusiasm and humor and even all of that core work.  But mostly,  I needed your self care message spoken throughout.. Namaste
Robert Sidoti
Hi Monica  ...  Self care - self love - it's all so important, we are all too often so hard on ourselves, glad you got the message :)  Sending big hugs, Robert
Perfectly orchestrated. Loved this flow  - thank you!
Laura M
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This waso so good! I feel strong both mentally and physically. I especially love your message. . . "there is no them, there is all of us" so true. It's so easy to be divided these days, thank you for this reminder!! 
Robert Sidoti
Hi Laura !! Thanks for your positive comment here, I so appreciate it! Nice combo - strong both mentally and physically, glad you felt that!  'All of us' :)) Big high five and hug to you! 
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Hi Robert, Maryma checking in from New Zealand and keeping up on day 3. Determined to be the most vibrant 71-year-old to inspire others. Thank you again for your gift. Check out my daily chants at Sound cloud at innourish. I'm going to do lots more. The second lockdown started two days ago. 
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