Joyful Flow: Strength and Ease<br>Wade Gotwals

Joyful Flow: Strength and Ease
Wade Gotwals

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Juliet M
"Eye of the Tiger" got me through! Really enjoyed the Ustrasana variation. Hard work, but great fun, thank you!
PS Beautiful flowers!
Paul B
great practice Wade, thanks! cheers, Paul and Sue all the way from Avalon on Sydney's northern beaches.
Kate M
That was intense!! I seriously wouldn't have completed it without you there providing encouragement!!! Thanks, Wade : )
Jenny S
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Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this practice. I don’t know what got into me (maybe it’s the break in humidity today?) but I found myself really sinking in and sort of cruising along. Of course, your terrific choreography including the strength/rest series in the beginning sure helped...and of course: Flower Power! 🌼🌸🌺
Hi Paul it's so great to hear from you! I lived in Bondhi for a year and loved my trips exploring Manly up to Avalon! So cool to know you are both practicing w/ me from a familiar place! 
Hi Kate - I would totally agree ahahah, more intense then I planned and surprised me; that practice should come w/ a little warning label :) But you/we did it!! BOOM!!
Hi Jenny, well you were cruising to a challenging one so that's really impressive and something to celebrate!! Yes I know have to learn what types of flowers I'm buying!!
Juliet oh yes to 'Eye of the Tiger' and thanks for joining LIVE from the UK!
Kate M
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Thanks for helping me push the boundaries a little bit!!! So good...
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Woah, my next series to practice on. Thanks, Wade!
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