Joyful Flow: Strength and Ease<br>Wade Gotwals

Joyful Flow: Strength and Ease
Wade Gotwals

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Hi Dandan - I'm glad you are enjoying the challenge and are going for it!
Lina S
A challenging and joyful practice. A great practice of finding the balance between letting go and accepting one's limits and pushing to find where those limits are. The pace was perfect! Thank you!
How are you Lina? Thanks so much, so good to hear from you and I love that you felt the intention of this practice !
Gratitude!! Wade, this was a perfect practice. It was so needed, and now I feel refreshed and grounded. 
Hi Shawn! It's great to hear from you, I'm so glad you felt the benefits of that journey and hope the people around you felt it too! win-win! 
yeh! I did it. got a bit worried  when  I read the comments , but " this little light of mine" got me through . thank  you Wade for your guidance .
Ivalo oh this is great that you felt that challenge and made it through to the other side we all need those win-wins to give us a little push along the path!! thanks for sharing!
Sumana Ramanan D
 Intense yet soothing sequence. I did not notice time passing. Many thanks all the way from Mumbai, India.
Hi Sumana Ramanan D I am so glad you enjoyed the journey and are feeling this series! Big hug across the world to Mumbai, I spent a year there and have some great memories!
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