Joyful Flow: Self-Care Flow<br>Wade Gotwals

Joyful Flow: Self-Care Flow
Wade Gotwals

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Fabian H
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Love this practice! :))
Beth F
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Thank you Wade!  This was wonderful - I so appreciated  the loving kindness ending. And I’d like to give a shout out to you for continuing the YogaAnytime tradition of flowers. Thank you for that very nice touch of floral joy in your Chicago location.  It’s fun to see what you come up with every week! 
Thank you Fabian H so glad you resonated with it and shared the Joy!!
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Hi Beth F ! What a beautiful note to receive! You know I never bought flowers before and now its a treat that I enjoy because of my Yoga Anytime Crew! That extra touch makes my house feel happier and so glad you feel it too!! Thanks for being a part of our loving community and sharing!!
Anne C
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Just what I needed. Thanks Wade. I will add this one to my playlist. A perfect weekly practice . 
Shelley K
Thank you! I’ve been active but avoiding yoga as low priority. This practice reminds me how it supports my other interests both physically and mentally. I will do it again.
HI Anne C it's wonderful to hear from you and so glad you resonated with this practice- we all need some self care!!
HI Shelley K I'm so happy this Self Care practice is supporting your active life!! I have to remind myself to slow down sometimes and do this type of practice more often!
Janine H
Thank you for this peaceful practice. We are in lockdown still on a computer all day. Thankyou for getting into all the places that have been stiff. I didn't know they were there until I did this! You have made my day! Namste x
Janine H So great to hear from you and that you are keeping  it positive in some strange times the world is going through...keep up with the self-care!!!
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