Spring Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Connecting to Earth<br>Melina Meza

Spring Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Connecting to Earth
Melina Meza

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Jenny S
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This practice featured your trademark creativity and deceptively challenging core work...about midway through the sun salutes I had a nice little “glow” going! This is just what I needed to shake off the kappa sluggishness as winter has finally transformed into spring here in the northeast US. Feeling ready to make on whatever comes my way today 😎 Thanks Melina! 🙏🏻❤️
Melina Meza
And I adore you thoughtful and creative reviews of the practices!!!! Thank YOU for making time to drop into your practice today and may the reward be that you soar through your day with grace.
Kathryn T
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Best start to the new season! Thank you!
Melina Meza
Thanks Kathryn! I wish you the best in the season ahead.
Christel B
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Great practice to get all the fluids in the body moving. Thanks for bringing us these Spring Ayurveda practices and the digestive pieces of wisdom..
Diane C
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Wonderful class Melina. I am so ready to spring ahead, but will listen to your advice and take it slow!
Melina Meza
Right?! I know its tempting to DASH out and meet this glorious energy with 100% of your energy and excitement. Just for this week....see what's its like to get LOTS of rest so you'll be that much more grounded for the busy months ahead.
Melina Meza
My pleasure Christel! It's officially time to flow now that spring has arrived, so I hope you'll enjoy the next few days to move, rest, and ready yourself for the exciting season ahead.
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Welcome back Melinda! I soooo love your practices and this venture into Springtime is very very welcome. I really enjoyed the new variety you added to the practice and I found it very opening and thought provoking. Just simply wonderful! See you for Day 2 - Namaste
Melina Meza
Thanks Louise, I had a lot of fun putting these sequences together for you all. I hope you enjoy them often! 
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