On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Wonder<br>Sadia Bruce

On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Wonder
Sadia Bruce

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thanks for this - nice to have the invitations to play. :)
Martha K
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Fun and free. I feel loose and relaxed. 
Lina S
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It was fun! Thank you!
Sadia Bruce
Matthew Play is the answer!
Sadia Bruce
Lina S Thank YOU for coming along with me on this journey— fun little ride, right?!
Sadia Bruce
Martha K Loose and liberated— that's exactly what we're after! 
Elissa P
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LOVE this one! Very sensual, and yet innocent and childlike. A GREAT way to intuitively reconnect with how it felt as a kid to be joyful in one's own body, without shame or self-consciousness. I've been playing with the idea of feeling "in love" even without a partner. You know, that FEELING you have when you're in love? That, but with yourself. This class was like a physical way to get into THAT feeling. .
Rachel S
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Fabulous! Thank you!
Sadia Bruce
Rachel S So glad it served you, Rachel! Thank YOU for practicing with me!
Lillian M
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This is so awesome. I have been working on my mental health and it also feels like a weight has or is lifting off my sheilders>
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