Kundalini Rising: Raise Your Vibration<br>Kara Looney

Kundalini Rising: Raise Your Vibration
Kara Looney

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Jennifer E
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So grateful for this practice this morning! Thank you, Kara!!!
Kara L
Jennifer E so grateful for your thoughts! I’m happy to know the Kriya brought you benefit today. Keep me posted on your further experiences 🙏
Lillian M
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This has helped me release my negative thoughts.
Kara L
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Lillian M oh wonderful! Sometimes those thoughts can be so captivating, right? This work gives us space to see above and around some of these self defeating tendencies. Keep it up and you’ll see how beneficial it is  for that and so much more!!
Michelle F
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Happy healthy hopeful 2022 Kara,
The word "effervescence" in the description made this practice irresistible this morning - it´s wild wet and windy so a bit of upliftment would be handy! It worked of course.....thank you!
have a beautiful day!
Kara L
Hi Michelle F! What a lovely note - effervescence is one of my favorite descriptions of what Kundalini Yoga cultivates - I’m happy to know it resonated and delivered for you! Keep me posted with your progress with future classes 🙏
Christel B
Feeling renewed and recharged after this practice!  Do older people do the breathing at the same rates usually?  After a while it got hard on the lower back to hold up both legs, do you have a modification for this?
Sat Nam
Kara L
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Christel B hi! Thanks for dropping a line 🙏! Most certainly- modification options include: option to slow the rate of breathing, alternate one leg lifted while the other is grounded (instead of both lifted) then switch leg, also feel free to bend the knees slightly and ground the soles of the feet instead of lifting legs. Let me know if any of these modifications bring benefit & relief! Great to hear from you! 
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So good! 🥰
Kara L
AnaSofia so happy you enjoyed it!!
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