Renewal: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Wild Heart<br>Rosemary Garrison

Renewal: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7: Wild Heart
Rosemary Garrison

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David G-
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I couldn't wait till tomorrow. We didn't sprint in our 50 mile group ride, so I needed a finish line. The hip flexor stretches and back bends counter the bike position. 

Will come back to this one months down the line as I keep my eyes on the prize: wheel. The last asana (slight back bend after plow) was really cool! That was a first. 

This week Lydia stressed caring for our bodies, making the best choices. Waking up each morning with this challenge really changed my perspective and allowed for much better choices. I have touched the natural high you can get in the mountains. I want more of this! Thanks so much and I will see you on the mat soon! 
Annette Ferdinand
Thank you Rosemary! Amazing week, love the way you guide, precise, calm and inspiring.
Please do more of these, best from Germany 🇩🇪 
Francesca Venturini
Dear Rosemary. I've ben following you now for a long time. I want to send you back all the love you generate in the last practice. This week it's been hard for me for so many different reason, but the time I spend on the mat, expecially when guided by your voice, is the sweetest the day. I will keep doing this 7 days practice for sure..... Thank you so, so much!
Lina S
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Eagle arms in a forward fold: that was new. What a good stretch. Thank you for your guiding through this challenge. Namaste!
Jenny S
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What a week this has been…both on and off the mat. This daily practice has been like a life raft in the midst of some swirling waters. This will be a great resource for future challenging times for sure. So appropriate to end with this heart-centric practice. Feeling open and receptive and thankful for you Rosemary, and for Yoga Anytime ❤️🙏🏻
Hope H
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Thank you so much for an amazing week. I love hearing your calming voice and clear encouraging instructions. I will return to this 7 day journey again and looking forward to your future videos/series!
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Thank you Rosemary for an amazing challenge, I truly enjoyed Day 7 as I have loved fish pose and plow for a very long time. It is rare to find them incorporated into a class. Thank you for helping me to leap into Spring with a calm mind and gracious heart. 
Samantha P
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Thank you so much for this seven-day challenge, Rosemary. I feel a lightness, and clarity that I definitely did not at the start of these 7 days. It's like I have stepped out of my winter funk and am renewed with new energy and focus for this new season. Many thanks!
Martha K
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I feel open and spacious, calm and awake.  It has been a delightful week. Thank you.
Cheryl S
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Thank you Rosemary!  Your calm voice is soooo soothing.  Please do more of these!  I feel supported, energized, and always some emotions come up.  Your teaching  reminds me that it's all ok, and to welcome everything.
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