20 Minute Yoga Flows: Hip Rinse<br>Bex Urban

20 Minute Yoga Flows: Hip Rinse
Bex Urban

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Diane NM
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Thank you so much! I love rinsing my hips - they always need it! I found it helpful to practice the alternative to windshield wipers with a blanket under my knees. 
Suzanne L
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Wow!  This flow really helped open my toght hips.  I  plan to repeat it often.  
Rebecca Urban
Jennifer E so happy you are enjoying the practice!
Rebecca Urban
Suzanne L yay! Super excited to see you in person, On retreat, next month!!
Rebecca Urban
Diane NM yes, blanket or towel is helpful.
Kate M
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Lovely, Rebecca Urban ! Thank you for this sweet and compact practice!
Rebecca Urban
Kate M glad you enjoyed moving together apart!
Sheri S
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Just did this practice for a second time and it’s really wonderful. Helped me switch up my mood from sour and dour to positive and grateful, thank you Bex!  

I really love the way you are so inclusive not only of what’s available to people differing in physical structure/abilities but also the way you encourage us to move creatively in ways that are right for our bodies in this moment of time. 
Rebecca Urban
Sheri S thrilled your physical practice supported your emotional waves in the body and the tide shifted.
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