20 Minute Yoga Flows: Hip Rinse<br>Bex Urban

20 Minute Yoga Flows: Hip Rinse
Bex Urban

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Jennifer E
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So happy to start the week with this new series of classes! Thank you thank you, Bex!!!
Robin J
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Can't wait for more thanks bex
Rebecca Urban
Jennifer E yay! Thanks for being part of the “kula” community on yoga anytime. Xox
Rebecca Urban
Robin J you will love these flows. Oxo
Glenford N
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My hips are glowing. I loved the sliding shimming thigh rinse- it could be the next dance move craze, courtesy of YogaAnytime!
Sandra Židan
I loved today's practice! Thanks, Bex! 💖
Samreen F
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Lovely practice, thank you ! x
Rebecca Urban
Samreen F glad you are moving!
Christel B
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Feeling refreshed ,especially in the hips!  So great when your time is limited. Thank you Bex.
Rebecca Urban
Christel B thank you! Glad it resonated 
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