Keepin' it Real: Strong Vinyasa Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Strong Vinyasa Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Matilda P
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Super trooper great. 
As always. 30 min. Sharp, strong and head cleaning. Exactly what I need between the hard meetings :) thank you 
Lea M
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Love the half moon pose and the revolved half moon!  Thank you for another great practice.
David G-
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Yeah, that was a Jedi lesson. “Don’t trust Robert; he might do a funny transition from plank.”I laughed and then rewound. Lesson: always listen before moving. I coached  tennis for years and loved to do that kind of trickery on my athletes. Thanks for getting me out of balance and also in a strengthy flow. Good play friend and thanks for the inspiration. Shanti 
Robert Sidoti
Matilda P - 'Super trooper great' - I love that and love that this class worked for you!! Always appreciate the comments! 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Lea M ! Both of those poses are my faves - revolved is very challenging which I love and when I get really stable and open in half moon, nothing beats it - glad you like too :)) 
Robert Sidoti
My pleasure David G- !! So you're a tennis player?! One of my favorite sports at the moment, so fun! Seems like you're practicing often and it's having a profound impact on you - love it man!! 
Christel B
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On next to the last pose is it more important to keep the shoulders down or the revolved garuda legs touching the floor on the lying down spinal twist? Just wondering...
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good solid practice - thanks.
Kira C
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great practice.  Half moon-check. Revolved half moon-check, step back to warrior check.  I fell over. lol  Next time might be more graceful
Robert Sidoti
Christel B Heeeey there! Personally I like to explore both options - sometimes I focus on keeping both shoulders down and only go as far as my body will twist (probably the 'best' option) and I do think there's value in dropping legs all the way over and working on softly releasing the shoulder blade and shoulder to the mat - both work! 
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