Keepin' it Real: Core Mobility Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Core Mobility Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti
Toooo kind of you Matilda P  - but thank you so much, I truly enjoy these offerings and am very grateful for the opportunity to share!  Thank you for being here and sharing how you feel!! 
Robert Sidoti
hello there Ingunn  :)) I'm so happy this class was helpful for you - I appreciate you sharing here and being here! 
Robert Sidoti
Lina S !!! Nice to see you here - always so positive in your sharings - thank you! I continue to have fun and explore postures and movements - glad they work well for you! 
Robert Sidoti
David G- !! Hey there friend! Thanks for sharing here and for being here, practicing, showing up and having fun! Down Dog - the best all around pose! Keep up the good work!! 
Kate M
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Wow! Great sequencing, Robert Sidoti ! I'm going to feel this tomorrow! Loved it : )
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Robert, for this very interesting practice! I do feel my legs, shoulders and core now! Namaste! 💗😊
Laura M
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Loved it!! Thank you!
Julie Bell V
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Thank you so much for this fantastic class!!  I love it!
Robert Sidoti
Thank YOU so much Julie Bell V  🙌🏼☀️
Nice to see you here! 
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