The 7-Day Handstand Challenge: Day 1: Finding Your Handstand<br>Allison Ray Jeraci

The 7-Day Handstand Challenge: Day 1: Finding Your Handstand
Allison Ray Jeraci

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Catherine A
Hi Allison, I am looking forward to revisiting alignment in handstand with you. I found this first class very interesting and useful as my handstand is somewhat problematic   I always find the L-Shape the hardest thing to maintain, and actually find it easier to kick-up against the wall (when I can manage it which isn't always) and hold there. But I always need a wall .....! Many thanks for the excellent instructions.
Martha K
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I am so encouraged by your guidance toward handstand. Looking forward to getting all the way there!
Christel B
Hi Allison,
I've always found handstand to be very challenging. I'm not sure why.  It always looks so simple when others do it. I can do headstand. I want to do it but can't quite make it all the way up when I try to kick up into the pose. So I respect that,  still I'm wondering why that is as I am not weak. Anyway the pose keeps eluding me but I am enjoying all of your preparatory,  supportive work and careful guidance.
Catherine A thank you for joining me! Keep me updated on your progress through the challenge and yes, “L” handstand is and can be harder than legs over head handstand. They both hold value yet highlight different challenges. Have fun!
Martha K im so glad to hear that! Looking forward to hearing about your journey as you progress through the days! 
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Christel B thanks for joining me on this challenge! Yes, because handstand is hard!! Copious practice makes it look easy 😉 i think you are going to find the answers to your question as you move through this challenge and try ways that work for you because you are indeed strong! And if handstand were easy, it probably wouldn’t be fun or worth practicing so I’m glad you are intrigued on this adventure 💗
Thank you so much Allison. I have some sort of mental block with kicking up, but I managed to create a variation with the bolster against the wall, and kicking up off a chair. I will continue to play with it, and look forward to the rest of the series.
Kate M
I recently reread in the Bhagavad Gītā, Chapter 15, verses 1-4, the imagery of the upside-down tree. The roots are in the heavens, the branches reaching down to earth... This might be interesting imagery to explore in conjunction with our practice of Urdhva Vrikshāsana! Loving this challenge second time around, Allison !
Ali You are most welcome! That is awesome. I love how you are trusting your body and props to meet you where you are and work from a new starting point. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the challenge!
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Kate M The Bhagavad Gita is a yearly read for me (and regular source of weekly inspiration). I love that imagery and will reread it for more inspiration in connection with adho mukha vrksasana! How fun! And I'm so pumped you're doing it again!
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