Yoga for Mobility: Posture Lab<br>Melina Meza

Yoga for Mobility: Posture Lab
Melina Meza

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Nina G
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This was lovely - thank you very much! Great series.
Louisa R
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Loved all the helpful cuing with hands on ribs and head!
Melina Meza
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Thank you friends for tuning in and doing your posture work!
Lina S
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Great tactile cues. It's good to feel the correct posture from the inside. It made me realize to keep the line of energy in some postures I feel more challenging (dandasana for example). Thank you!
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very interesting to consider the head here. i don't normally think about it in my practice. thanks Melina. :)
Pat Pao
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Another great practice - really great cues
David G-
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Melina: I reversed your mirroring. I love mirroring my teachers when I my brain is tired, but I needed to work it today so I could get back with a fresh mind to write a recommendation. Brain food." style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Lina S nailed it. I felt more into the subtle body.Matthew  Posture wasn't something I learned successfully in elementary school and so too with handwriting 

Such good play for all of us. 
Melina Meza
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As grateful for you comments and letting me know you're out there practicing! May this practice continue to steer you all into better alignment and ease as you navigate modern life.
Paula H
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Just finished Posture Lab. Hands to crown of head really brings awareness to  alignment. Love your nature backdrop-perfect. At first I thought it might be  a mural but, then the leaves moved with the breeze! 
Elizabeth C
Thank you so much for this new series, Melina.  It is so helpful and clear.  The cues are beginning to enter my daily life, which is thrilling.
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