Yoga and Faith: Honesty<br>Angel Brownlee

Yoga and Faith: Honesty
Angel Brownlee

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Jenny S
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I love this idea of exploring honesty by keeping things real in the poses. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate the use of props to bring ease and joy into my practice, rather than trying to force my way into shapes that honestly do not feel great. I also really appreciate your gentle demeanor…it is so welcome especially during this often stressful time of year ❤️🙏🏻✨
Nadine R
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Wonderful class!
Nancy T
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You hit home for me to be more honest in my yoga by not forcing something to happen but just being in the pose as I feel it happen as it needs to.  Thank you for helping me find my self-honesty.  Self translates to my life with others.  
Angel B
Nadine R thank you! : )
Angel B
Nancy T Love it!! You are welcome, friend.
Angel B
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Jenny S thank you for sharing! Isn't it a relief to know we really don't have to sacrifice our body for the glory of the asana!?  It reminds me of when I realized my feet were no longer willing to be forced into a stiletto. 

Jenny S
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Angel that's so funny!  I'm a bit tall and I'm married to "my little Italian guy" so I haven't worn heels in 34 years...recently I was shoe shopping and tried on a pair of stilettos just for "fun" and OMGodess!  Those things are lethal! 😂. Here's to comfort!
David G-
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Sometimes with my yoga practice, the teacher’s theme is exactly what I needed to move or be still with. Courage and humility linked together is a psychological yoking that produces a more honest life. Beautiful! 

This practice calmed me, but made my dog hyperactive with her squeaky toy, which she dumped on my chest during Savasana. She was being honest . Thank you for coming on a YogaAnytime. A yin-gift. Loved that Rumi quotation too.  🙏🏻 
Angel B
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David G- Amazing! Aren't our furry babies the best! I can just see your pup with her squeaky toy. What a sweet visual!  I'm so happy to know the practice was calming for you. : ) Angel
Rosanna S
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I did this practice the other day. It was so profound I had to come back here to say thank you! I don't think I understood what honesty was or what it felt like in the body. I realized in this practice that when Erich Schiffman says to be brave enough to do what you're prompted to do, when he's talking what intuition, it's really about an honesty. I was given advice to slow down, honor my spirit, and observe this holiday season. This class was so perfect for that. I've been ignoring what I really want and need and have needed up burnt out and with back pain. Honesty (along with devotion and your other themes) is starting me back on the long path to recovery. Honesty is the path to freedom. Ahhhh! Thank you!
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