Yoga and Faith: Honesty<br>Angel Brownlee

Yoga and Faith: Honesty
Angel Brownlee

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Angel B
Rosanna S your words really touched my heart today! Thank you so much for sharing. I am honored to know this series reminded you to honor your amazing self! Here's to living free. xoxo
Nadine R
Great class!
Angel B
Nadine R thanks friend!! 🥰 So glad you enjoyed it.
Glenford N
A  beautiful way to unwind after  a demanding day and ask some honest questions about myself.  Hopefully, the truth will set me free! Namaste.
Angel B
Glenford N yes!! In my experience the truth really does set us free. When I read that verse through the lens of breath and movement, it is clear that an inner freedom is experienced when I am aligned with truth.👏Glad the practice helped you unwind!
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