Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Ground Your Foundation<br>Quamay Sams

Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Ground Your Foundation
Quamay Sams

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Thank you for this strong, peaceful , playful practice . I really appreciated your encouraging call to use the body to assist and support the mind. I’m away from work this week, and your new series is a gift right now!
Wendie Heijmer-Arendse
That was a very nice and mindfull practice to start the second X-mas day with, Thank you very much Quamay!
 Have a very nice day & X-Mas greetings to all of you from the Netherlands!
Kate M
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Loved this grounding focus. Beautifully designed sequence. Felt so good. Love your voice too: so gently encouraging. Compassionate. Sweet ideas to play with in my practice. Thank you, Quamay : )
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Thank you that was a great class! 
Catherine A
Hi Quamay, lovely to have you back on the site again. I enjoyed your last series of classes and am looking forward to following you through these new classes. Loved this one!!!! Best wishes for 2023.......
Jenny S
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Grateful and thankful for YOU Quamay 🙏🏻 your teaching of grounding into and really feeling the feet was so calming, even in the more challenging balance poses. For the first time in three days I feel perfectly peaceful 🕉
Sheri S
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Thank you Quamay! Finally, a feet first focus—this class really brought my attention to my feet in a new and valuable way. Much appreciation!  One adjustment that I think would improve the sequencing for me is adding  flow from lying down into down dog at the beginning of the class. Feeling calm and grounded
Quamay S
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GIGI A I'm happy to be able to give you some form of a gift or present during the holiday season! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series GIGI
Quamay S
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Wendie Heijmer-Arendse  The Netherlands!?! Ahhh that is such a blessing to be able to share with you all the way from where I am. I hope you holiday season continues to be well and I hope that the series will continue to support your practice!
Quamay S
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Kate M You are very welcome Kate! My voice is never how I imagine it to sound; so without getting into my head I just speak from my heart and hope that it translates lol. Thank YOU for making me feel like it makes a difference!
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