Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Ground Your Foundation<br>Quamay Sams

Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Ground Your Foundation
Quamay Sams

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Quamay S
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Katrin Thank you and I appreciate you for sharing with me!

Quamay S
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Catherine A I am happy to hear that you aren't tired of me yet! (lol jk ) But really, Thank you Catherine for following along with everything we've been sharing. I really enjoy sharing with you all and it means the world to know that it makes a difference. I hope your holiday and 2023 is filled with as much joy and you gave me! Namaste!  
Quamay S
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Jenny S Jenny! I am so happy to hear that you've created some peace! It means more than you know to hear that. I am BEYOND grateful for you and I hope that the series continues to bring more peace and support for what you need :) 
Quamay S
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Sheri S One less flow, in a practice where we repetitively flow...I think we'll be just fine (AND shoulder girdle may love you for it). Trust me Sheri, if we JUST had more than 30 mins! I'm glad you connected to your feet and I hope that you continue to practice with that mindful awareness in all of your Asana. You are welcome! 
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a lovely way to start the New Year - thanks Quamay and best wishes to all. 😀
Suzie D
You have such a gift for pacing and moving slowly/mindfully, I recently gave up teaching Yoga and am trying to get back to being a student… I have got very picky in my old age your classes are refreshingly free of  waffle & crazy transitions 😆 I love your focus on the basics and the breath somehow making them new all over again look forward to more from you! ♥️
Sandra Židan
I loves today's practice: there was a bit od falling during the tree pose but it was also fun! Thanks! Namaste! 🤗
Cristina T
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Wow, You have such a voice that carries!
I was painful on my shoulders and I made practice 9, I felt so relieved that I'm making the your hole practice. Thanks !
Rachel S
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Omg, such a great class! Thank you!
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